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Highlight the diverse range of financial solutions we offer, including SBA Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Term Loans, Startup Business Loans, Equipment Financing, and Invoice Financing, designed to meet the unique needs of every business.


We offer financial solutions for installing solar energy systems to support individuals and businesses in transitioning to sustainable energy sources.

Business Loans

A financial tool for business capital with options such as SBA Loans, Term Loans, Equipment Financing, and Invoice Financing.

Real Estate

Real Estate Partners who work together in the business of buying, selling, or managing properties.

Mortgage Loans

We help consumers purchase real estate, ensuring homeownership becomes a reality for many.


Insurance provides a protective shield against unforeseen events, ensuring peace of mind in turbulent times.

Personal Loans

Personal loans offer flexible funding for immediate needs, from home renovations to unexpected expenses.


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We’re ready to make a great experience” signifies our commitment to delivering excellence at every touchpoint. With our expertise and client-centric approach, we ensure your journey with us is seamless, informative, and uniquely tailored to your needs. Dive in with confidence, knowing we prioritize your satisfaction.

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What our client say?

Franklin L.

The Networker

“We pride ourselves on connecting businesses, and when we needed financial backing for our initiatives, Just Funded was our top choice. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our networking goals and provided timely financial solutions. Their professionalism and clarity made the process smooth, reinforcing our belief that with the right partners, anything is achievable. Just Funded truly supports growth and ambition.”

Anthony S.

Blu Lion Transportation

“We recently teamed up with Just Funded to enhance our fleet and operations. The expertise and tailored solutions they offered made the financing process effortless and efficient. Thanks to Just Funded, we’re now better equipped to serve our clients and meet growing demands. A definite thumbs up to their dedicated team and seamless funding solutions!”

Rubina B.

Zorah Eye Brow Threading

“We collaborated with Just Funded for our expansion endeavors. Their streamlined funding process and understanding of our specific needs were unparalleled. With their financial support, we’ve been able to elevate our services and cater to a larger clientele. Grateful for the partnership and would highly recommend Just Funded to other businesses.”

Business funding options to keep up the momentum

A range of tailored financial solutions ensures that businesses have the necessary resources to maintain their pace, continue growth, and seize emerging opportunities without any interruptions.